WELCOME to Alpaca Pie – or as our alpacas might say (if they could talk), BIENVENIDOS.

If you’re looking for.....children’s knitwear, made from the soft, warm, natural yarn of the Peruvian alpaca  - jumpers, tank tops, ponchos, cardigans, dresses, hats and scarves (you get the picture), in an eye-poppingly gorgeous palette of colours...
...or beautifully crafted treasures like toys and appliqued cushions depicting charming rural, Peruvian scenes.....’ve come to the right place (but if you’re looking for pies made from alpaca, we can’t help you).

Alpaca Pie is the brainchild of Kathleen Holland, born in Peru and inspired by her deep-rooted love of the country; its vibrant colours, sumptuous textiles, ancient history and craftsmanship – Kathleen has worked with Peruvian alpaca knitters to create Alpaca Pie’s first collection.